Sunday, August 13, 2006

On the box - ‘Silent Witness’

Weird day, whilst popping out to the gym in the morning, stopped off at A’s as I was passing to post a letter, A in a dilemma, much rain had resulted in the bathroom ceiling bulging and dripping!. Scarpered into the loft to discover leak from a missing tile, also found 2 other not so serous leaks in need of some attention. 17th century cottages come with territory, as A’s Ma reminded, ‘That’s not helping the situation’. Much tense hilarity ensued with A’s Pa to the rescue with buckets etc.

Returned home after having forgot my gym pass. Tried the St Emilion au chocolate, very very rich. Nice though. God knows how I’m going to eat it all. Made it to the gym around 3pm, not very busy, no wonder they’ve upgraded me for free this month to a full membership.
A had to attend work and was supposed to be finishing around nine, text received, work taking longer that expected, tonight’s off. Already to descend on Garbutts bar, newly opened this weekend on the infamous Princes Avenue.

Stuck in watching a spooky Silent Witness. Poo

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