Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shostacovitch on the Proms

Saturday night in, A working and I’ve had a hard day stripping, wallpaper and painting.

Pic’s at Hull Screen on Thursday to see a German movie, ‘Atomised’. Very good movie, hardly anyone in but enjoyable all the same. The movie was preceded by a lovely meal at Pizza Express, again nobody in is as Hull proves itself to be devoid of culture.

Business plans hit a major hiccough, resulting in the only person with a good outcome was z the solicitor, worth every penny as it turns out. The seller and future landlord was bankrupt leaving the venue without said licence etc, etc. A and I learnt so much!

A and I celebrate two years together tomorrow, a celebratory lunchtime meal at the Boars Nest followed by much drinking and cavorting along the Princes Avenue.

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