Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wonderful evening with A last night, the Verve went down a treat and Waitrose do the most amazing dips.

Hot again today, managed the gym first thing, gave A a lift into town after picking him up walking to the station.

Lunched with Ma at Millers, Skidby followed by a walk round Beverley, watch strap adjusted and then strolled back to the car parked beside the minster. We were passed be a man on a recumberant cycle (the ones where you lay in a horizontal position) .

He parked up and went inside the minster, on coming out we found that he was from Holland, aged 60 and on a trip cycling 6000K in 60 days, what a challenge and what a man, I hope I'm upto that at 60. He said he camps in farmers fields and last night camped by a cornfield, the sunset was a sight to behold.

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