Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Gymed today and then popped in at A's, went for coffee which turned out to be a mango and pineapple smoothie from Willows coffee shop Blondes, and very nice it was too. Purchased a mug for work, white mug with 'Tea White with Sugar' emblasoned on it, I'm so thoughtful.

Shopping with Ma in the afternoon to Waitrose, must have been reducing day, bought more than ten ready chilled meals for pack up at £1.50 a go, the freezer is rammed. Olive oil in a a spray can, why did I buy that!

Took flowers to the cem and then onto brothers, borrowed loads of highly suspect dvds, Kevin Spacey in 'Across the Sea', which I'm going to watch now.

Oh, Bruno from Portugal has just made contact from Bookcrossing asking if he can borrow my copy of 'Gulag' by Anne Applebaum, it's the only one available worldwide apparently, most of Brunos books are in Portugese, may just send it anyway.

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