Monday, July 11, 2005

We get the Olympics then we get bombed, and then we commemorate the end of the 2nd world war.

Sunday saw a magnificent gig at the Bridlington Spa, by the Kings of Leon. 3000 people going nuts, lovely chinese meal at Yips prior to the gig.

Another scorcher of a day, anthor filling at the dentist, told of for the miserable state of my brushing undermining all the good work done, £67 pound for todays filling and a telling off, free I guess!

Registering somewhat of a back catalogue of books on Bookcrossing having found that I am now 8th of the 169 Hull bookcrossers, the cook books will be out soon in my attempt to reach the top 5...

Off to A's tonight for a glass of Verve Cliquot, I've purchessed some Raspberry and Lovage cordial by bottle green to turn the champers a nice shade of summer.

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