Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day off today and much shopping, lots of sales on but failed to find anything at all except non sale underwear at M&S and Jasper Conran towels at Debenhams.

Keep managing to crash the car into immovable objects, concrete post and other cars, not a good week for driving.

REM play the Kingston Communications Stadium tonight I was debating about buying a last minute ticket but as I’m working at the ungodly hour of 07:00hrs tomorrow and the fact that it tipping down outside I’m glad I’m turning in early.

I remember seeing REM play Sheffield Octagon and also saw them at the London Hammersmith in their better days. ‘Gardening at Night’ is not a track I think they’ll play, one of my favourites. ‘Reckoning’ and ‘Murmur’ were seminal albums in my youth.

Will we get the Olympics, yeah if we don’t yeah if we do, it’s a no lose situation.

Science must win Big Brother, I’m going to start a campaign, make the rest of the housemates history, Scienceisms abound, last nights, ‘I’m smelling strong and musty’, had me in stitches all-night, repeat after me in a loud science voice, ‘I’m smelling strong and musty…’, it works for me.

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