Monday, July 04, 2005

Vaulted ceiling in the town hall, Brugge, latest visit with Ma week before last - whilst there wandering aroung with a giant museum mobile phone commentary thingemy bob - in comes a wedding party. Amazing place for a wedding. Do Belgium alow same sex weddings I wonder?

Blogging this time of year always takes a backseat, too much good weather and Wimbledon/festivals to watch. Speaking of gigs, Kings of Leon next sunday at the Bridlington Spa, last night of the European tour, so should be fun.

I've used up practically all of my holidays, trips booked to Rome and Amsterdam later in the year as well as weddings and 50th birthday parties. I've just seen a window in my diary which coincides with the Cambridge Folk festival - I'd love to go and have seen tickets on Ebay, be a bit sad camping alone. Maybe next year.

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