Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easter Monday didn't turn out too bad, visited, in a last minute type of way, Burton Agnes near Bridlington. Edwardian manor with lots of topiary and gardens and an excellent egg hunt! For those under 5! Still owned by the family, the cafe served really good coffee outside and in, good job as I had Abby in tow, brother sis law and C niece joined Ma, Abs and me for a stroll in the woodland walk. Bought an exotic looking perenial as well.

A texted later in the day confirming he had Monday night off, we shot off for an evening in York, something to eat in Ha! Ha! bar and then onto Orgasmic with great views of the river and a Salsa dancing class on the go, what fun!

Managed to watch the whole of rufus dvd last night, my Nottingham tickets have not yet arrived, I'm not fretting, just yet.

Booked a mini cruise to Brugge and back with Ma for the day after Rufus, and have just booked to see Madam Butterfly for later this week at the theatre, god I'm busy...

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