Saturday, April 02, 2005

Rufus tickets still not arrived, emailed the ebay blighter, paypal payment has been sent!

Madame Butterfly last night, thank god for onscreen subtitles, the Ukrainian National Opera sang their little hearts out but the stage tat upstaged them at every turn, I'm talking serious water features here, dripping willow trees and a massive globe tumble drier of a fish tank with goldfish been cruelly swept around the vortex! A very cultured evening though and a shiver up the neck and a woman in tears on my left when Cho Cho san sings in anticipation of Capt Pinkertons return.

Busy planting seeds today after attending Driffield farmers market. Set lots of seeds off, Fennel bulbs, 6 types of basil including lettuce leaf, cinnamon, lemon and Greek. French lavender, lupins, galardia. Bought a giant onion from the herb man at the market it bolts and produces balls of shallot like onions on top which flops the plant over and sets off a new colony, bet mine dies!

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