Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nice meal with A and friends last night at a Turkish place on the Beverley Road. The Beverley version booked solid so had to slum it in Hull. A genuine turkish family turned up at 23:30 to sit down to a meal, children in tow - v odd time to eat.

Miserable day again today, made a mascapone and lime cheesecake to cheer myself up but feel fat now having eaten it, well a slice of it, a minute slice!

No easter eggs as yet, I think A might come up trumps with one later, I've got A's from Thorntons, name on and everything!

Took Ma yesterday to Langlands nursery, bought a standard bay tree for the porch, looking good if not pretentious. Lots of seeds and trays for the onslaught of planting, this year its fennel.

Amazing receipe in the telegraphy mag yesterday for confit of tomatoes for pasta/noodles. Lay a layer of basil leaves on the bottom of a non stick roasting dish, topped with hulled toms core side down add olive oil until half way up the toms, season and bake gas mk 5 for 1hr 40mins, viola!

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