Monday, October 11, 2004

Work, work and more work. I can’t quite believe I’ll be doing this until I’m 70, better start saving, next week, or maybe the week after ok after I’ve had a holiday… why should I save, I pay tax, an incredible amount of tax, let the state keep me, yeah. Imagine a world with out no possessions.

The bodgers return tomorrow, or later today to erect the porch. I’ve decided on groovy laminate flooring in the hallway and magnificent porch, I’ve also decided on a habitat brushed steel outside light, it’ll put the sad Victorian efforts to shame, I laugh in the face of your Argos catalogue.

The paths look tatty for the new porch, I’ve seen the cobble ones I like, my god what have I started, all these improvements are costing more than the damned porch.

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