Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The porch is finally up and looking fine and dandy. Today I have completed a 14.5hr working day and am tired. Falling asleep whilst working is not good. Falling asleep mid conversation with customers is even worse. Waking myself up snoring very loudly is hilarious. It was still pitch black at 06:45hrs today, the days are getting shorter by the minute!

Hull (‘the largest’ and most expensive) Fair in Europe is with us again, £23 for a bungee jump, forget it. I find myself drawn to the Carvers fish and chip stall, it’s probably a fiver for patty, chips and peas, but the mint sauce with bits in is to die for. I’ve bought the first of this years pomegranates yeah, I love pomegranates. I’ve never tried bashing the seeds out with a wooden spoon, Nigela stylee, may have to give it a go this year.

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