Sunday, June 27, 2004

The mighty Keane made the sun come out at Glastonbury, I knew they would. For a three piece with two instruments ok a backing syth track sometimes the sound was awesome, the tunes well crafted and lyrics mature beyond the singer’s age. A band that now seems to have earned their place amongst the big players. They have indeed come along way since playing to 20 punters at last years Reading festival.
17-year-old Joss Stone seems mature beyond her years; the mature material is a bit jarring for someone of such tender years. Playing on the jazz stage with seasoned musicians it all seemed a bit too serious, ‘Super Dooper Love’, is a classic but a lot of the tunes just seem years beyond her what will she be like when she hits 30?
The Killers in the new band tent had an amazing reception; the lights seem to go out halfway through the televised track, this only added to the atmosphere. A band worth checking out, sounded very 80’s and very interesting. Von Bondies did not seem at all interesting. And is it me but Starsailor just seem like a pretentious pile of poo? Unlike the sublime Scissor Sisters, from the crocheted jumpsuit to the seventies dress the band managed to lift the crowed in the middle of a torrential downpour. A Ben and Jerry moment if every there was one.

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