Monday, June 28, 2004

‘Every day is like Sunday, every day is silent and grey’, Morrissey’s set worth it for that song alone, band very under par, Morrissey totally under whelmed by the massive Glasto audience, ‘I know your cold and its raining I’ll sing as fast as I can’? Indeed Glasto this year looks to have been a roaring success, long may it continue, its great to see Americans in total shock at the size of the whole event. Speaking of Americans James Brown, wow, I hope I’m that in the groove at his age, what a band, what dancers a rare treat.
Orbital played their final gig, headlining, what an exit. Watching it back on tape the final encore to ‘Chime’ I jumped off the settee and started making shapes in the living room, much to the embarrassment of dog. What’s life for if not for dancing eh?
Had to visit the doctor today I’ve had raging tonsillitis for over a week now, have tried to soldier on to little effect. My throat has all but closed, I find it very difficult to swallow let alone anything else (steady now), like eat and drink? In the doctors for all of 2mins 30 seconds, ‘yes you do indeed have tonsillitis’, amoxicillin 20 tablets thats all but £7 thank you very much. The chemist took one look at my prescription and noticing no tick said in an overloud voice, ‘You pay for your prescriptions then’, when what he really meant to say was ‘You’ve not ticked a box you sad honest w***er’.


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