Monday, May 03, 2004

Working non-stop all bank holiday weekend, covering sickness as usual! The office has come down with mouth ulcers and chick pox! Launching into a 7 lates and 7 nights stretch of torture. Things one does for mulah.
Went for a drink with M on Saturday night in Beverley, attended Mucky Nels pub, found a quite room with two couples and a basset hound, Mucky Nels never fails. Tried to get a table for 2 at Pizza express, as M hadn’t eaten, nothing available until 9pm! Took a walk to The Sun pub adjacent to the Minster, really nice inside, lovely alehouse. Then attended Pizza Express for a Florentina pizza – yummy spinach and mozz with egg on top, twice as big as Ms pizza, which was the 4 seasons, i.e. everything on? Having eaten earlier I gave M a third of mine, that’s the type of guy I am?
Working the next day and as I was driving dropped M back at home in Albrough. Nice place, all white and minimal, Ms house not Albrough, ‘Keep to the road’ type of place, frightening. M I think is going to be a long term project, hopefully, of which I’ll expand on at a later date.

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