Saturday, May 08, 2004

Gardening duty today, mulched raspberries (the compost bin has not composted – full of dried autumn leaves – loads of worms though so I suppose given 7 years it would have developed into the crumbly gardeners world type of compost!). Set off night scented stock for the summer nights and a tray of picking lettuce. Tidied up the lavender hedge and took cuttings.
Must say the garden looks its best this time of year, bluebells and emerging hostas good combination. Aquilegias are so tall and elegant, my favorite self-seeders. Cox orange pippin is heavy with blossom. The cardoons are monstrous again matching the silvery whites of the cotton thistles.
As soon as I started mulching the almost tame Robin joined me as always. Never ceases to amaze how close it gets, almost within touching distance. A David Lynch white picket fence moment every time.
At midnight on my return home a city fox ran across the flyover towards the wood. No wonder dog goes into mass hysteria in the wood sometimes. And en route to work the flyover on the industrial estate I spotted a kes like falcon hovering in anticipation of a dive, it’s a survival special?
My mobile was stolen while at work last night, a young whipper snapper fooled me with a rouse about picking up an application form for his girlfriend for the cleaning job, left the office to find said cleaner and he found my mobile on the desk arraagghh. My car keys where next to the mobile so I suppose I got off lightly. And after that a filling fell out – so I am without mobile – filling and NHS dentist as I have lapsed over 12 months, my previous dentist of 30 years had retired and I now do not exist!
My 39th birthday was going fine until the mobile incident and then it all started to go down hill. Had lunch with M, and have since found the long-term project maybe cut short by an ex. I knew it. Just my luck, I am a dead loss in love. ‘What will survive of us is love’. An Arundel Tomb awaits?
On a brighter note received a dab radio from Ma, a chart toppers cd of 1965(?) from bro, book token and money and some very tasteless cards. The 1965 cd very entertaining, nearly fell off chair listening to Shirley Bassys ‘No Regrets’, it’s a classic. Stan Laurel died in the same year as my birth – I look a bit like Stan Laurel. Julie Andrews stared in ‘The Sound of Music’, Cassius Clay became Muhammed Ali and floored Sonny Liston in 48 seconds.

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