Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I’m teeth grinding again and have constant pain in the right lower jaw. The pain spreads to the ear. Earache and tooth ache all at the same time. Hate taking painkillers en mass so have limited them prior to sleeping. Working nights does not help. Conducting research on the net brings up the medical term of ‘bruxism’. I have a medical condition and therefore feel validated? Only remedy is to:- (a) relax or (b) visit the dentist and have a guard fitted. I think I’ll try and relax. It’s difficult to relax when in constant pain and therein lies problem.
Just watched the repeat beeb docu on the ‘Great Wave’ picture by Hokusai – fascinating in that it inspired (Hokusai was indeed termed the first) impressionist painters. Hokusai it turns out painted it in his seventies after having to resume work because a nephew had spent all the family money. Excellent documentary.

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