Saturday, May 29, 2004

A curious thing happened on Wednesday at the dentist. I sent a text to P stating I was ‘at the dentist arraggh’, the reply was, ‘I’m on my way there’? P then stated I’m in Cottingham, I was sat at the dentist in Cottingham and the next thing P walks through the door! Now the likelihood of having the same dentist is not too bad but having practically the same appointment on the same day strikes of, well something.
P and I went for a pizza on Wednesday night, I should qualify this in that it’s a very nice pizza emporium in the historic town of Beverley with grand views and a funky interior, yet again turned up and had to return later as fully booked, on a Thursday night!
I need more than 6 fillings, total cost of expected work £900, plus multiple visits to the hygienist! P needs to resurrect a tooth £1400, which makes me feel only slightly better. Car serviced £165 not as bad as expecting, although much too much shopping. P texted on the way home which resulted in a trip to the cinema. Troy, worth it for one scene alone in which Peter O Toole attends Achillies tent in the dead of night to retrieve the body of his dead son Hector. P then took me for an Indian and a fine Indian it was too.
More shopping in York with Ma on Friday, I’m about shopped out for the year, ‘Fat Face’ has opened a shop in York, holiday T shirts here we come.

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