Sunday, May 30, 2004

Busy week, Independent article on global warming interesting in that the person who originally foretold the impending doom now sites nuclear power as our only savior! I knew it Homer Simpson is saving the planet.
Big Brother returns and I’m hooked, a gay 6ft 4’’ size 12 feet hairdresser from Hull who (the Sun states) only sleeps with straight men? The guy could prove more of an enigma than I originally thought, although it’s hard to be enigmatic with a Hull accent, I know, I’ve tried.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought the Hull accent was fairly enigmatic anyway - nobody in the rest of the country seems to be able to tell where you're from. It might be because the only famous person you ever hear talk with a Hull accent is that Paul Heaton guy. I never liked the accent much until I came back here a few years ago, but now I'm quite proud of it just because it's different. I get great pleasure going to southern bars and ordering farve parnts (five pints) of beer.

- torturette