Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Last night shift. Hurrah three days of rampant RNR. I do intend to rest and whilst not totally relax I’ll give it a good go. Tomorrow is the last lesson I think of ECDL although we have one lesson in credit due to computer crash cancellation. I’m hoping I can go online and wing it with ACCESS although I don’t hold out much hope. May have to use the outstanding lesson next term in a last ditch attempt. Wednesday is dentist consultation; I’ve been mouth washing with a vengeance since the dentist hinted at gummy matters. I’ve purchased more tea tree oil and been gargling along with grapefruit oil in warm water like there’s no tomorrow. I hope he will recognize my efforts and not inflict too much pain. Please no more the 6 fillings.
Thursday car booked in for second service, I’m expecting this to cost in the region of £300. A vast amount to change the oil and plugs but warranty permits! Friday is a free day so gym and shopping. P has agreed, text willing to pizza on Wednesday night, although I may be left with one of the frozen variery?

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Anonymous said...

Heh.... after all that fuss I made about blogger's comments I just found out it has an 'anonymous' comment facility. How stupid am I? Pity I'm too tired to think of anything to say now....