Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Brother was 50 today. Ma and myself dropped his cards and present off. He’s working nights so we woke him up at 2 ‘o’ clock (he’d been in bed since 07:00hrs), I knocked loudly on the back door in the covered porch. Ma took off and marched to the front door. Knocked loudly then bent down and lifted the letterbox shouting ‘wakey wakey birthday boy.’ I should say at this point that there is quite a step to the front door. Mother still, bending down, peering through the letterbox edging to one side to see if brother had decided to come down the stairs, edged a little too far and fell off the step, landing headfirst amongst the (now squashed) daffodils!
Brother is taking his half century in great spirits, not literally, received lots of cards in the post; a digi camera with all the bits and furnished with a smart photo printer, portable cool looking thing supplied by Ma and me.
Ma kept looking at her wrist but apart from that looks to have bounced off the concrete into the garden with remarkable ease for a septuagenarian.

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