Friday, August 03, 2007

new ipod 8gb nano playing kylie 'Come into my world'.

A, dropped a bottle off the shelf and killed my old 4gb nanos screen - couldn't resist ordering the new matt black finished still scratchable ipod nano. Toyed with the idea of going over to the new Sony usb with new new drag n drop but decided itunes is ok for now.

On the night shift again so updating - the CCB is going from strength to strength with the new main meals, table of 8 booked for tomorrow night and a hen party in at 6 for warm buffet and drinks before moving on to the Princes Avenue.

Last night was a late one - worked 7-7pm, walked dog A. and then worked at CCB until midnight, a long day but fun. Don't seem to have enough time in 24hrs. The man living in the office which is a shed with a bed has moved out. Someone left keys with A at the CCB, A. not knowing whose or whom they belonged to soon foundout when A the landlady collected them - had to leave all windows and doors open as the place hummed so much, almost deafening. So sad someone had to live that way, he needed someone to look after him he needed a cleaner.

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