Friday, July 27, 2007

Nokia 73 playing 'Tarantula' by The Smashing Pumpkins

Night shift again, only seem to have time to update during night shifts...the bits in between the last post are as follows :-...

Saw Marc Almond in Manchester at the wonderful venue that was once a glorious ballroom. Marc fitted the surroundings very well. He was on top form, by the end of the gig he had won us all over. The covers and torch songs worked fantastic, the early solo stuff was a bit hard to handle, the guitarist was so annoying I wanted to get on stage and run off with the bloody thing, talk about cack handed. Everyone sang along to the first 2 encores and I mean everyone - an 80s love in. Marcs so much more than that though.

Drove home on the Sunday - it started to rain and rain - and rain and rain some more and never stopped until late the following Tuesday - needless to say Hull sank under the deluge and a sizable proportion of the community are still camping out in caravans on the driveway as a result.

Attended a renewing of vows for Uncle Douglas and Auntie Joan - Uncle Douglas diagnosed with the same prognosis as my father - lung cancer - only received a postcard from Whitby a few weeks previous - both having a great time - such a shock - even at 82. Ma coped very well and only cried once. Have to say I nearly joined her. Pictures of the wedding day in the 50s projected onto the wall above the alter at the newly build church - married for 57 years - what an achievement. Not having seen cousins since their wedding days, all in good form and pulling together.

Continental Cafe Bar Project doing very well on the Newland Avenue - recent introductions include Champagne Coctails and Classic Cocktails as well as main meals - most of which are vegetarian. The locals love us - and so do the Police - now conducting briefings and plugging their laptops in whist drinking coffee. A local councillor managed to get through half a dozen cocktails on Sunday afternoon with his lady friend - completely trollied.

Booked a trip with A to Amsterdam in August and also a holiday back to Cephalonia for a week in late September - hope it stops burning by then!

Monday night is Gala Bingo night - A and I went on a works night out to the Bingo - A was so excited he lost all sniffing inhibitions and sniffed snot up his nose all night - so engrossed was he in the proceedings he forgot to blow his nose and I hadn't the heart to tell him - god knows what my work colleagues thought. A pigpen for a bf...;o). Collectively we did well however G managed to win the first line of the first game and M managed to win the last full house of the last game - £250 whoa - A is hooked. Monday night is Gala Bingo night....Elvis dabbers at the ready c/o ebay!

Dragged A to Asda on Friday night to queue up at midnight in yet more rain for the last Harry Potter book. What fun, the queue once inside meandered up and down the post office isles and around the shop to much hilarity - B who helps out at the Continental Cafe Wine Bar (CCWB)had left the Westwood Bar and Grill (her evening job) and managed to get in the queue before us.

Hairspray at the flicks on Tuesday night - haven't laughed so much in ages - need to go back and see it again for the opening sequence - 'Baltiamore'!

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