Monday, June 18, 2007

Nokia N73 playing 'Hey Eugene' by Pink Martini

18th of June already, can't believe it's been 5 months and no bloggin! The last 6 months have been really busy. Today was the final written exam for the City and Cuilds in Professional Cookery. Mondays will not be the same again. Met some really interesting people on the course, which was fantastic.

The continental cafe - wine bar is now open on the Newland Avenue - number 12. Open now for 4 weeks, much to A and Is relief. Lots of mishaps along the way which I will expand on in coming days along with:- before, during and after pics...

The place is fab, fabber than we ever imagined, lots of support from the fantastic people of Ella Street and the local business traders. Ella Street Carnival this coming Saturday 23rd of June well worth a visit for the bunting alone.

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Rhys said...

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