Thursday, January 18, 2007

Watching Memoirs of a Geisha

Monday in Manchester, The Place, Kylie cancelled but seemed a shame to waste a nite already booked. Wagamamas, and Canal Street, the DJ at Churchills never fails to disappoint. A 20 minute mix of Kylie with new order backing drum track!

Tuesday found fresh rhubarb at the indoor market Arndale centre. Shopped for the new venture at Ilva, onto habitat for bargins gallore and then onto Ikea. Met all the workmen involved at the new venture, and the prospective chef N, very impressed, all looking v good.

Big Brother is so disappointing this year, even with the Jade furore, I have said from the very begining Shilpa should win, feel so smug and vindicated...hehe


KAZ said...

Glad you appreciate Manchester.
I used to work on Canal Street and I still socialise there.
Forget London - Manchester rocks.

antipseud said...

i love larkin and i live in cottingham