Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No itunes - watching 'Lost' on Channel 4

The business venture is about to be competed and we'll be exchanging hopefully soon? Lots to do, people to see and mistakes to be made. A business is no easy thing. A and I have taken advice and paid the lawyer well. We've also paid the accountant well and will be paying the superior landlord well, as well. Wether we'll be paying ourselves anything at all has yet to be establish, exciting though.

Greek night at Sleepers went down well, our table of five attracted the balilika player on numerous occasions. P proving as ever what a man magnet she is!

Popping down to the business with A and builder tomorrow about some minor(?) work. A has a day off so plenty of RnR after the builders trip.

Five days off, will try and get to Hull Screen again for some decent films, Ken Loaches a must as is a french film 'Time to Leave'.

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