Sunday, March 19, 2006

itunes playing 'Wheels on Fire' by the Magic Numbers

Commonwealth Games, solo syncronised swimming, fascinating and the 17 year old English gerl won, yes.

Clair Baulding v entertaining on the beeb. Chatting with Steve Ovette in the studio, she manages to get the best out of whoever is on the sofa. Melbourne seems to have grown somewhat since I last visited in the mid 80s, even then it had Mac Ds way before Hull. The music was 6 weeks behind the uk which to a mid teenager was something so abhorent as to be positively stone age. I wonder it the pies are still as good and the flavoured milk?

I have given up puddings for lent, not loosing any weight, hitting the gym again this week. Much cardio and little weights.

The clocks go forward next Saturday 'Spring Forward'.

Really enjoying reading Alan Bennetts 'Untold Stories', his play 'The History Boys' is playing the Hull New Theatre in October, must get tickets.

Four days off, Monday gym, A for lunch, Tuesday with A to York for shopping at H&M and lunch at Ate O Clock. Wed Gym and out with Ma, Thursday gym all day and night...Friday back to work, 12 stone and a 32'' waist....Yeah right.

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