Saturday, March 18, 2006

itunes playing 'Waterproof' by the Sparks

Commonwealth games and Englands doing suprisingly well. Austrailia taking the winning of medals a tad too seriously, winning almost everything in sight.

Good to see the makers of South Park giving Scientology a run for its money.

Eurovision - Serbia and Montenegro falling out and failing to reach agreement over their entry. If Eurovision can not bring them together nothing can.

Radio 4 today on the difference between male and female thriller/crime writers..., interesting in that male writers include more references to music ie men write about 'things' whereas women don't so much and are more involved in the emotional world.

Not so amusing piece in the Telegraph about a home for the aged in the Highlands of Scotland - some residents not been able to leave the fourth and fifth floor rooms since Christmas due to the lift breaking down!

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