Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Playing on ipod - Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove by Frank Black

Not updated in a while, attended Hull Fair this week with A on Monday. Bob Carvers Patty Chips n Peas, Pattys original to ull methinks, think Fish cake without the fish and add a touch of sage - heaven.

Some really amazing rides at Hull Fair, luckily A will not go on a thing, I think I would need some serious daring to get me on the bigger rides...The rides this year vary from £3 to £15 - some accepting Visa!!!

Wrights Brandy Snap and Nougat, October is here, roasted Chesnuts at the fair, leaves dropping soon be time for Rome and Amsterdam and the delayed trip to Brugge.


Just Jane said...

A Hull blogger...hooray!
I was at the university whilst Larkin was still the librarian.
Still love Hull, and patties are a food of teh gods!

Just Jane said...

I just hate it when the moment I press publish I see my typing mistake...grrrr.