Monday, October 03, 2005

October - Hull Fair on Friday

Busy week end - meal with A at John Pauls in Cowden near Hornsea and very nice it was too.

Bruge trip postponed last week due to Ma's coming down with a virus, now going at the end of November, the day after I get back from Amsterdam with A!

Amazing documentary on Bob Dylan, brought back memories of my first car (a triumph spit fire that my brother put back together and made like new) driving along with Highway 61 blasting out with friends crambed in the luggage shelf.

South bank show last nigth showing a mad Ruskie violinist Maxim Vengarov, not content with playing like an angel he had to do a tango onstage too, the man's clearly a diva of the first order.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see/hear Maxim Vengarov play electric violin and then tango as he did on a late night tv programme I saw this year.
I have phoned television companies and enquired if video available (not) but asked for the programme to be rescreened. Apart from that can't seem to find any CDs on this or any possibility of seeing the great man live. Suggestions/news?