Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Amazing meal with A last Friday night at the Rockingham Arms in Lockington. A restaurant with about eight tables, very intimate, exposed brickwork, old barn like interior, excellent wine list, Fiji water, I was driving. Appetizer of mushroom and tarragon soup in a tiny espresso cup, yummy, served with bread and poured flavored olive oil.

Starters I had smoked haddock soufflé with red and yellow peppers roasted in a sweet sour type way, which cut through the smoked haddock really well. A had terrain of chicken livers with fois gras, tasted really good. Main course of Torpedo of beef with béarnaise sauce roasted tomatoes on a giant flat mushroom. Amazingly put together and a copper pan of chunky chips. A had the lamb, a huge plateful. Puddings were Lemon soufflé for me and crumble for A, all finished off with coffee, cakes and brandy, wow.

The holiday has been booked…yeah….Greece for two weeks in May to celebrate my big four zero, A and I are off to Skala, Kefalonia, the 9 Muses. Two weeks of Sun Sea and moussaka.

The ipod shuffle has arrived and I love it. Itunes is fantastic, I’m not sure how long it will be before the ipod suffles off this mortal coil because of overuse or battery burnout but its great, if this doesn’t get me into the gym everyday this week nothing will.

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