Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pictures last night with A – ‘two for ‘Super size me please’, ‘thank you, you do know it’s a documentary?’ ‘Yes, thanks!’ Quite a few people in for the viewing. Which surprised me as Hull has been deemed the city with the most obese people in the UK. Excellent documentary, funny and cool, a David and Goliath story with some horrifying stats.

Do you know what a calorie is? Something about raising the temperature of water by 1 degree! Needless to say A and I headed straight for the Golden Arches for a Big Mac, only one each and no fries or half a gallon of soda.

Waitrose opened today, took Ma, lovely food but its so god damn expensive, it will have to be my supermarket of choice therefore. Dutchy Originals from now on. Wednesday visited the newly refurbished Asda at Kingswood, it now has a floor added for George stuff, it has the cool escalators, long slow incline so you can take your trolley with you, mad!

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