Saturday, October 02, 2004

I have just invested, for the workplace, in a Kensington wrist support mouse pad, and I have to say that its bloody amazing, anyone who has to suffer eight hour shifts with a mouse is missing out big time if they haven’t got one.

My older brother has had to have both wrists carpal tunneled i.e. opened up and scrapped out, due to a life of hard manual labour. My next oldest brother is having them done next year, he works building aircraft, work that involves lots of fiddly stuff, I’m next on the list, and my mouse wrist has been a bit tingly of late having worked one too many shifts.

On a visit to the dentist this week, I lay back on the chair, and hey presto, a flat screen telly affixed to the ceiling! Whilst monster inc is all well and good for the kids it also nearly took away the shock that was to follow.

After eons of drilling it was declared, ‘this is way too big, we may loose it, on the other hand we could try and save it a root canal (£180) plus if that works you’ll need it crowned (£300)’! arrragh.

REM album out next week as is Tom Waits new offering and Fat Boy Slims latest. Still haven’t purchased Bjorks latest. Listening to Radio 6, the ‘Black Keys’ sound worth checking out. I’ve also purchase this week, ‘Later, Louder’, music from the last 10 years of Joolz Hollands ‘Later’, The Datsuns and The Hives, PJ Harvey and amazingly ‘Sonic Youth’ from 1992 playing ‘Sugar Kane’.

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