Friday, October 01, 2004

The bodgers have not yet surfaced. I just want the work completed, I don’t care how crap it is, I want it finished, done, out of the way. Perhaps this is the reason for the delaying tactics; it’s the response the bodgers are looking for?

Fell out with the bank after they refused to offer me the correct amount of mortgage for the offer I made and had accepted on the cottage. I’ve been with the H for 26 years have a double A credit rating a 15 per cent deposit and they quibbled about 6k, their loss.

The housing markets due to crash so I withdrew my offer after various other difficulties, ie, we both nominated the same solicitor, I have been with them for some time, the seller hasn’t she refused to use another one, she also said she was in the process of moving out, fact is she’s already moved out, perhaps I had a lucky escape.

Watched Donnie Darko at A’s, very Lynchish, quite funny and disturbing at the same time, may have to watch it again to convince myself it doesn’t quite work. Great 80’s soundtrack though.

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