Friday, September 10, 2004 is not helping with my rota task for the night, not enough people at eight to cover 24hours x 7 days a week, it simply cannot be done, oh and by the way boss isn’t this what HR people get paid vast amounts of money to do or are they just solely there to make people redundant nowadays?
Janice Long is far too up for ten to three in a morning. Why does she constantly play 80s stuff, its way past it now, I know its radio 2 but come on.Lesson for today is not to collect walnuts from a walnut tree when taking dog for a walk and then reading how to harvest them on the internet, then collecting bucketful loads of the things and then hull them without marigold cloves on. I have black hands which bleach has failed to remove, I feel like a reet baghead.

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