Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dog walking with dog yesterday morning, the guy with two Dobermans passed, one on lead one walking free, dog and I wondered onto the field and the guy carried on down the cycle track a few minutes later and an almighty commotion, a huge Alsatian had set about the roaming Doberman. A woman who was miles away was shouting ‘Jerrard, Jerrard come here’, Jerrard was taking no notice and if full attack mode, the poor guy and the other Doberman could do little until the woman finally arrived and got the dog off. If the Alsatian had set about dog in the same way I’m afraid when the woman arrived on the scene, I would have decked her, even if this involved the wrath of Jerrard.Stocked up at Driffield farmers market, and while queuing at Barmston organics, another commotion a loud thud from a nearby stall, on inspection nothing then after a short time it materialized that a butcher had taken a tumble, must have been a tumble and half, my nerves at this point where shot, lack of sleep and the crowds got to me and I couldn’t wait to get out of the place. Only after buying eggs, honey, organic whole wheat flour, Aberdeen Angus goodies and potted beef and pork pies, hmmm.

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