Sunday, July 11, 2004

Jasper Conran, this Sundays Observer Food supplement. Uncle Calloucio cooking, guests Mary Quant, Ivan Mascow and Aunt, swanny around his Suffolk Elizabethan pad with 5th century moat that he likes to row around, at this point I passed out with envy.
Took dog in the car for a walk in the wolds, found a public footpath through a wood that at one point gave the most amazing view of the Humber and surround, just before parking up, Elgars Nimrod, Enigma variations struck up on the radio, hair standing on the back of your neck moment, the countryside just seemed so perfect in a summer July type of way. Bought more home made raspberry jam from the local farm stop in Elloughton, I’m building up quite a stock but seem to be giving away more jars than keeping. Looking forward to the gym tomorrow with renewed vigor.

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