Saturday, July 10, 2004

Boy do I need a holiday, six months away would do. I’m sick of work, sick of the same old dreary drudge. Walking dog, gym, work, being woken at 4am by dog whining and so on. This could be a mid life in crisis moment, I do hope so, I could do with being more ridiculous than I already am. More likely that I’m tired, have no career of which to speak of and am hopelessly unlucky in love. My life is like an out of date box of Ritz biscuits. But I like Ritz biscuits no matter what condition so everything’s more or less ok. If Lenny Kravidz can suffer deep depression, (interview with Jonathon Ross) then I guess my downward spirits are a godsend. It must be tough looking like Lenny Kravidz, ‘are you gonna go my way’, no I’d rather be ugly and happy thank you.

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