Friday, June 11, 2004

Much dashing around after 4 hours sleep, dashed to the town center to pick up D’s leaving vouchers from Debenhams. Visited brothers to check up on niece K, who is getting hitched at the end of July and is currently unable to walk up and down stairs after a mirror fell off her dressing table and sliced through her main foot tendon. K will be walking down the aisle in trainers poor girl. She is taking it in good spirits and is conducting wedding arrangement by telephone. The photographer has served notice, wedding party suits have yet to be ordered and a myriad of other things are keeping her mind off the foot problem. Doctor in Wiltshire, doesn’t do dressings and by all accounts if your not private you don’t exist.
Molly the new unilateral hearing Dalmation of brothers is the cutest thing ever, likes to jump on your knee and fall asleep and whines if no one is on the floor to act as a human pillow.
Come on you England.

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