Thursday, June 10, 2004

Farewell meal out with D and colleagues M and L, revised restaurant to my favorite pizza palace in Bevereley after L remarked that the Chinese, which was the original choice of eatery, 24 out of 28 people had come down with food poisoning after an xmas do. Must say even though I was driving or taxing we had a fine old time. Really the first time the night staff had had a proper get together. A full timer had agreed to cover the evening shift, not that that stopped her ringing during the meal constantly asking how to do things.
D leaves for a better job with NHS Direct, more sociable hours and better work practices no doubt. D will be missed; its funny how you don’t appreciate people until they’re not there. God help the person if a person is ever to replace her. The three of us will be left to struggle on covering every shift under the sun.
Ordered D a big bunch or posy (which will no doubt fall over and leak everywhere) of flowers to be delivered Thursday and have organized the collection, should be enough to contribute to a nice pair of Cartier shoes or some such indulgence which she is prone to, vouchers from Debenhams here we come.

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