Sunday, June 20, 2004

The druids will be massing in Wiltshire for the longest day. Glastonbury beckons and summer will soon be on the wane. I remember watching King Arthur (the 1970s version) on a big screen as the sun came up in a field at Glastonbury festival in the early 90s. The festival could not have been less commercial in those days, nowhere to charge up your mobile or plug in your laptop. Although the spirit remains in the large part it does feel with the new fence as though London has been transplanted in Somerset. To be anywhere in Somerset at this time of year is magical, and to be in Glastonbury… times that by two.
I shall be following the acts as much as possible on the beeb, Joolz Holland absent this year, oh no. I shall also be trying to watch as much Wimbledon as I can and the footy and big brother and Natasha Kaplinski on ‘Strickly Come Dancing’!

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