Wednesday, May 12, 2004

First night, a stretch of six more lies ahead. Procrastinating in the extreme over outstanding reports. Managed to book an emergency appointment at the local dentist in Cottingham. That will by £42, ‘£10 visa payment upfront please’? The lost filling turns out to be a lost tooth – back molar unable to be saved. Extraction was quite easy – short root, came out like butter! I have booked another appointment for a consultation proper. I have issues re gums and other toothy matters. The dentist seems human enough and only charged £49 in total so alls not lost – apart from the tooth.
Dropped my receipt off at the local health scheme office and a woman who followed me in exclaimed, ‘you smell lovely’, I think it was meant as a compliment as she came over all embarrassed and giggled with me and the staff, ‘It’s the new Lacoste’, I replied as I slunk out of the office. She loved the women’s Lacoste. It’s funny how life puts a spring in your step.
Mass planting up of Geraniums started from seed last year. Black Magic in red and pink – leaves surprisingly are very black. Caroline Smidt geraniums stunning as ever, white and green variegated leaves with a shocking luminous red flower. I have two trays of red basil (that’s 60 plants) and a tray of lemon basil that should be interesting with the tomatoes this year. Leaf coriander has germinated as with the tray of picking lettuce.
Keanes album growing on me – its taken a couple of listens for the tracks to sink in, sounding good. Resisted the temptation to purchase an expensive mobile, opted for a Siemans mc60 from Asda, ripped out the sim and inserted the Virgin sim which arrived promptly in the post Monday morning. Text and call from M, feeling under pressure and needing space. To which I heard myself replying ‘whatever’, ooops.

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