Thursday, January 22, 2004

Whilst buying fish in the local wet fish shop today, spotted a huge mountain of boiled cod roe. Sliced and fried for the first of the year, a Yorkshire delicacy, if you think that’s bad a group of Chinese students stormed the shop and demanded a bucketful of cod cheeks.
Tried and failed to delivery Ma’s specimen to the Drs surgery – ‘Closed for training’, my god.
The dog lost it today on the Railway Bridge. A woman approached from the opposite direction with a pouch a quarter of the size of dog. The poor woman had the temerity to cross our path. I managed to grab dogs harness just before she lunched for the poor pouch. The pouch snapped at dog – dog lost it, my fingers crushed in the harness. The owner of the pouch looked traumatised as she passed exclaiming ‘we’re past now’.

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