Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It must be the time of year. Sever depression time is once again upon us. Tuesday proved without doubt a very difficult day. Ma taken ill with major flu – Dr called, arrived at 3:30 for a lunchtime visit. Condescending in the extreme. Carried out the major checks – blood pressure – check; listen to the front and back of chest – check; tongue – check. Keep taking on water and at least a 3rd of normal daily food intake. You’re not 21 it’ll take a bit longer to shake off blah; blah; blah and how’s the depression coming along. Less than 5 minutes after having arrived, gone. Hanging around all day for such a short spectacle and then having to take a specimen in tomorrow for lunchtime – that’s before 12:30, “oh, right”, the shame of it all!!!
President Bush is spouting on – state of the Nation speech. Lots of statistics – always worrying. Lots of programmes. That’s alright then.

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