Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Its a cracker - 'Fish swims into a wall, what does the fish say? 'dam.''; 'Why are buttons rude? Because they're naked smarties.' and ' What is ET short for? Because he's got tiny legs.'.
Average day of late consists of nightshit I mean nightshift;home; eat; dog walk; sleep; eat; dogwalk; sleep and return to work...
In between life has returned to normal with reality TV - the Salon is back, in the treatment room today - its an amputee special. Sarah massaging the David Beckham of the amputee world discovers that the Goalee is not a leg amputee but an arm amputee - life doesnt get better than this.
The David Beckham stylee described how he lost his leg, an indoor football accident when he ran to retrieve ball slipped and his leg crashed through the glass of an exit door. Later found out from the ambulance staff that he was lucky to reach hospital due to the amount of blood lost. Puts things into perspective.

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