Monday, January 12, 2004

Gym, shopping, work and much dog walking. The dog is proving annoying of late. Whining at 05:30hrs. Not sure if this is down to insufficient walking. Too much walking or it being windy. Managed to ignore with the aid of earplugs until 07:30hrs.
Lets face it Kilroys BBC show was dead in the water prior to the Express’s “out of context” article. The secretary, who sent it in is to be commended in my view, she succeeded where many have failed, its off air. Yeah.
I’ve decided to make Larkinesque a thing of beauty in 2004, with the aid of Samsung digimax camera. My 4-mega pixel delight is being snapped away but until I learn how to navigate the results around photoshop and upload them to the web we may be talking about mid April. If however I manage to master the technique I will be changing the picks on a regular basis to build up a scorching selection to enlighten the world of Hull and its environs.

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