Friday, January 16, 2004

Ask the boss a question?
'Would MD not agree (regarding the new raft of Managers for Business) that it would have been more cost efficient to outsource all Management jobs (excluding your own of course) to India? Yet again it appears Business is to become a sprawling inconsistent nightmare. Top heavy - a bean counter for everything only fit for large payoffs when things go wrong. I initially thought HD and yourself would bring a bit more common sense to the proceedings but it appears we are one step forward three steps back - I work in the CNOC and have never heard of the new Manager. Why not show a bit of loyalty to long serving employees? Who knows it might result in happy customers and even happier shareholders. The company markets itself as having a long pedigree, but management wise of late it is short termism in the extreme, I've worked for the company for 5 years and have had as many senior managers. Most if not all have took the money and run'.
I've got that off my chest then...promotion awaits...or a job in India...

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