Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!

Back from Scissor Sisters and Manchester. Scissor Sisters conquered Manchester and long may they continue to rule these shores. They even managed to make the Elton songs sound passable. Best quote of the night by Anna M, 'Do not throw chocolates at the fat girl'.

Manchester still seems in the middle of a vast building boom, stayed at The Place, lots of building work all around, took the Thai Beef Daube and seeded rice I prepared at college earlier, A helped himself to two bowls, prior to the gig.

Had lunch at Malmaison (at the end of the street) the following day, visited the Craft and Design centre and also Ilva, with very nice lights and coffee shop.

Latest albums c/o bbc radio 6 and Steve Lamac, Amy Winehouse (v good) and The Bluetones (v bluetones).

A and I have made a move on a property on the fashionable Newland Ave district, continental wining and dining will soon be foisted onto the locals, god help em.

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