Thursday, October 26, 2006

Watching 'Coast' on the Beeb

No updates for a while, shame on me. Back from Rome last Thursday, had a great time with A and L. Catacombs, Borgheses Gallery, St Cecilia in Trastevere. Lots of lovely meals and an audience with the pope, outdoor performance outside St Peters, funny seeing him being whizzed around the crowd in his pope mobile.

Managed to shop and walk for miles and miles. Walked back from the Catacombs due to an accident on the metro. We arrived on Monday and caught, after a quick expresso, the Leonardo Express into Rome and then a taxi to the hotel. Changed and had a drink at our local bar and then onto dinner. Lots of lovely food and gelatos followed during the next three days. Had a fantastic lunch at a small restaurant in Trastavere, we sat next to the bishop of Boston!

The Pantheon at night and the Trevi Fountain, with only a couple of people hanging around, was amazing, hearing the water as you approach the square, wondrous. The Spanish steps at dusk also v special as was shopping down Via Condotti. Managed to purchase a fantastic pair of Italian shoes with the latest parrot beak effect toe and also a winter scarf from David Mayer which cost more than the shoes. A lost it and purchased whole outfit and coat at David Hamilton, self service has not caught on in Rome and the assistants are very good, you are a uk size 30’’, after the first 5 seconds!

Sitting, drinking wine and people watching in Rome is one of my all time favourite things to do. The best dressed people in Europe by far. Oh well Rome on the telly in a mo.
Holiday blues have set in since my return, on Jury Service this and next week for my sins and then off to Manchester for Scissor Sisters, and then back to work….oh no…!

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