Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday - last night of the proms

‘9/11 is me favourite disaster’ P at work makes another jaw dropping statement, ‘I can’t get enough of it’, TV this week has been full of documentaries/docudramas, must admit I’ve watched most of them.

The Steve Irwin jokes abounded days after his demise, ‘Stingray’ will never be the same. Black humour is one way of coping with bad news I suppose!

A and I are onto a new business venture, requires funding, we have twenty percent, just need some sweet talking and a neat business plan.

Walked the dog with Ma on the south beach at Bridlington, lots of families and windcheaters, breeze of the sea, face now looks to have been sandblasted thank to the clear skies and warm sun.

Night out with work last night, managed to stay upright, bad head this morning though thanks to the many shots supplied by loving work colleagues, ‘shit on the grass’ god love em.

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